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- Sandrembee Band -
Current - 2011
  • Vocalist eroz
  • Guitar chingkhei
  • Bass Guitar themis
  • Drum richardson

- Contact Sandrembee -
Email: erozlaishram(at)gmail(dot)com

- Sandrembee's Debut Album-
Miscalculation and The Cosmic Catastrophe - Read here

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- N/A -


Sandrembee - In their own words...


Eroz Laishram : Vocals.
Chingkhei Nameirakpam : Guitar.
Themis Thoudam : Bass.
Richardson Maibam : Drums.

sandrembee for them is not just about a rock band. its a journey of self exploration, dedication, passion and expression. Sandrembee is a statement professing their love for rock music and an expression of anger over the system of disorder prevailing in kangleipak. Sandrembee was formed in 2006, the four bandmates Eroz, Chingkhei, Chickubi and Themis have been great friends since they can remember. with richardson joining the band in 2008, the band was complete.

since its inception, sandrembee told themselves "if this is what we are doing then we should strive to bring true passion and expressions in our songs and not like any make believe band with a make believe theme". the idea of playing covers was scraped, which eros like to say they were inspired by the rock legends of manipur such as phynyx, cannibals and postmark. they wanted to do something creative, something meaningful and in true sense share their senses. when asked why they are around, they just said, to let their music heard and contribute something to the mundane rock scene of manipur.

More Personel Info:

Parent's name and Address:
Eroz’s parents are Laishram IB khumancha and pramodini. residing at brahmapur bhagyabati leikai.
Chingkhei’s Nameirakpam Achouba and Tombi. residing at wangkhei lourembam leirak.
Themis’ Thoudam Nilakumar and Shanti. residing at singjamei thongam leikai
Richardson's Maibam Purnananda and Sapana. Residing at wangkhei ningthem pukhri mapal

Date of Birth:
eroz - 28th march
themis - 15th dec
chingkhei - 27th oct
richardson – 5th march

A group picture from Sandrembee
A group picture from Sandrembee

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