E-Pao! Incident - Correction to a misleading article...

Correction to a misleading article...

Dear Sir,

I appreciate the article on "The people of Manipur" written by learned Dr.Pukhrambam Lalit Singh paged in your esteem website the "E-Pao", the most leading News service in Kangleipak (Manipur as outsider called). I found the article is educative and necessary for the younger generation who thought people of Manipur are only Meiteis/tribals.As a persons who deeply felt for the situations in manipur found myself compelled to correct some of the misleading expression and words of the writer as a token of my concerned for the future of Kangleipak.

Dr. Pukhrambam state that the word "Hao" is a derogatory term to denote the tribals or the Hill people, and also equate the word with untouchablity practice by the meiteis after their conversion into hinduism, which is highly misleading to the younger generation and need immediate correction.

The word "Hao' is derived from one of the name of the Suhte King called Mr.Kamhao Suhte, who raised up just after King Chandrakirti became the king of Manipur in 1850-51. He became the most formidable enemy of the Manipur King. He even capture the Meiteis Lanbis and the king as verbally recorded. His fierce and roughness spread all over the kingdom of kangleipak (Manipur) and even his name "Hao" become a word used by the plain people to frightened their childrens. Even the Meitei itihas recorded him as "AKAMHAO LAL". Later on he was killed by the Kukis as desired by the Manipur King.(For refernce the Sumkon News dated 19/08/1994). Therefore when the Hill and the Plains is moving towards building understanding and love, why should we mislead the youngster. If ther is untouchablity why not the Meiteis nationalist who are not accepting Hinduism is not called "Hao" and why Scheduled Caste. The word "Hao" is mostly used to refer to the follower of Kamhao Suhte who are now mostly in Chin Hills and it is a derogatory term against the Hills people. Infact the Hill People live as independent as they are and there were no intervention from the King but treat them with equal respect.

With regard to the description of the "Zou Tribe" Dr. Pukhrambam is completely either ignorant or bais against the Zou Tribes, who are indeed the only community to maintained the name of their ancestor "ZO/ZOU". Infact, the Zous are one of the oldest ethnic community in the undivided Kangleipak(Manipur)now called Kobo valley, Khampat etc. In Manipur the Zous are found in at least three(3) districts. The Zous also represents the Manipur assembly since 1972 and had been holding important position in the Government of Manipur. With regard to their proximity to other communities, the Zous are as close to as any other Kuki-Mizo-Chin groups and not to a particular Tribe alone.

I would therefore request the E-Pao news services to immediately give the Zous, the rigth to be expressed as they are and not what they are not, which is highly misleading and also hurting the sentiments of the Zous community. It is a matter of surprised that out of the 22 ethnic communities given by the writer, the Zous happened to be the only community who go for "low wages" which is not only a mistake but also amount to serious legal offence.

Sincerely yours,
K. Zhou

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