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Straight Talk with Sushila ::TAPRO Miss Manipur & E-Pao! Internet Queen 2002

Ms Pukhrambam Sushila Devi ::E-Pao! Internet Queen & Miss Manipur 2002 Presenting Miss Manipur 2002 and Miss E-Pao! Internet Queen 2002, Ms Pukhrambam Sushila Devi in her first interview with the E-Pao!

Daughter of Mr. Pukhrambam Thambal Singh of Kwakeithel, she is all of 23 years and 4 months when she won the coveted title and has acted in a few Manipuri Video albums earlier.

Manipuri community across the world had voted her their queen in an internet poll which ran for 10 days here at www.e-pao.net.
She had received 3005 votes topping her ahead of Ms. Premi. On the night of 27th November 2002, she outshone fellow contestants to be crowned as the Miss Manipur 2002.

The Miss Manipur 2002 pageant was organised jointly by TAPRO and UMTC.

E-Pao: Congratulations on winning the E-Pao Internet Queen Contest?
Sushila: Thanks.

E-Pao: How does it feel winning the hearts of 3005 people who voted you as the Internet Queen?
Sushila: I feel very proud of myself. As for the 3000 odd people who voted for me, I shall remain indebted to them.

TAPRO-UMTC Miss Manipur 2002 Pukhrambam Sushila Devi (centre), flanked by 1st Runner up Kumam Sarda (left) and 2nd Runner up S Indubala Devi (right) after the crowning ceremony. 
Picture Courtesy - The Sangai Express. E-Pao: You even went on to win the coveted title of Miss Manipur 2002, congratulations on that count too.
Sushila: Thank you once again.

E-Pao: Can you share with us about your experiences while participating in this pageant?
Sushila: It was a great experience for me to participate in such an event. It was a challenge for me to expose my talent to the panel of jury and audience who witnessed the event.

E-Pao: Can you tell us briefly on your process of preparations for this event?
Sushila: As my examination was knocking at the door, I, in this contest, had very little time for preparation.

E-Pao: Can you elaborate on the profile of people who inspired and supported you in this event?
Sushila: My friends and relatives in general had inspired me to participate in such an exciting event but my family members in particular had been very supportive.

P Sushila during casual round. Picture Courtesy - The Sangai Express. E-Pao: How do you, in your opinion, would compare the Miss Manipur Pageant to other such events the world over in terms of career opportunities to the participants and as a talent-launching platform?
Sushila: We cannot compare the beauty contests held here with those of beauty contest held in other parts of the world. Here exposure of contestants is very minimal. Beauty contests held here cannot provide much career opportunities to the contestants.

E-Pao: What would be your priority now after winning the Miss Manipur title?
Sushila: Working hard to become a perfect model.

E-Pao: What next after your Master's Degree in Hindi? Do you have aspirations to become a Bollywood actress?
Sushila: I would like to go out of Manipur to pursue my career in modeling. I have not yet had any aspiration of becoming a Bollywood actress. But yes, in future I would want to try my luck.

E-Pao: Now, as a celebrity and as messenger of goodwill, what is your message to the youths of Manipur in the light of the current social ailments?
Sushila: As youths are the pillars of the nation, they must be hard working, honest and should dedicate themselves to the services of mankind.

E-Pao: Your opinion regarding the imposing ban on airing Manipuri music video album and dress code for women?
Sushila: If we look forward, we do not like to ban airing of Manipuri music video album and dress code for women totally. Instead, it is highly necessary to check and control the matter for the good of traditional customs and habits.

E-Pao: Do you think that the advent of Information Technology and Internet in Manipur would help in socio-economic progress?
Sushila: I think that advent of IT would give us inestimable help in socio-economic progress of Manipur. We should be able to tap the potential of it fully.

E-Pao: A message of goodwill and love to the E-Pao users:
Sushila: Long live the E-Pao users. I wish you all the best, success and prosperity in future.

**Miss Manipur 2002 is being organised by TAPRO in a bid to promote the 'Beauty with talent' concept and is being sponsored by many local firms including www.e-pao.net**

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