AMUCO trains guns on politicians
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 24: Holding the political leaders solely responsible for the threat posed to the territorial integrity of Manipur, AMUCO today said that though the State Assembly has taken a firm stand to protect the territory of Manipur, the fact stands that it can be easily overruled by an Act passed by Parliament.

In a statement, AMUCO said that this fact means that the Indian Constitution is against the territorial integrity of Manipur and the people responsible for the threat posed to Manipur are the politicians who have been functioning under the Constitution and trying to make the people believe in the Constitution.

Today the political leaders have come to the fore front shouting that they are for protecting the territorial integrity not for any reason but to cling to their seats of power at any cost and win election.

This is precisely the reason why the Chief Minister, despite his tough stand, has not been able to take any action against the Ministers and MLAs who signed the memorandum endorsing the fragmentation of Manipur, added AMUCO.

The statement further said that Manipur was not created by India but has been existence for centuries but ever since it merged with the Indian Union in 1949, the seeds of discord between different communities have been sown and the political leaders should take the responsibility for such a state of affairs.

Communalising issues has become a tool for the politicians to win some votes and enjoy the perks of power, said the statement and added that this precisely the reason why chasms have arisen between the different set of communities residing in Manipur for the last many, many years.