MPCC counters BJP charges, lambaste Chaoba
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, January 24: Questioning why the State unit of the BJP is repeatedly hurling abuses at the SPF Government despite declaration of handing the Lungnila Elizabeth murder case to the CBI, spokesperson of the Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee has charged the BJP of conniving with the NSCN (IM) to topple the State Government.

In a statement, the spokespersons T Gunadhaja describing the gruesome murder of the eight year old girl as unfortunate said every detail would become public once the central investigation agency begins its probe and furnish the findings.

Referring to repeated onslaught of BJP MP Th Chaoba against the State Government on the case the MPCC statement asserted that WLL phone (2050193) allotted to the MP was used to contact Lunghila's family after she was kidnapped.

The MPCC considering the sensitive nature of the case and due to ongoing investigation did not disclose the fact to the public but due to arrogance of Th Chaoba making the matter public has become essential.

Continuing the tirade against the MP, the MPCC said the State electorate entrusted Chaoba to highlight the people's grievances at the Centre and strive for development of Manipur but in the ten year tenure of the MP a total of Rs 20 crore MP Fund could not be accounted for.

Instead of utilizing the fund for welfare of the State the MP has embarked on a mission of bulging personal wealth, charged the MPCC.

Referring to the disclosure of NSCN (IM) on the Lungnila case, the party spokesperson said BJP, who is the helm of affairs at the Centre granting recognition to the underground outfit's allegation against the Speaker and two other SPF Government Ministers clearly indicate the BJP-NSCN (IM) alliance' relentless effort to topple the State Government.

Claiming that a BJP team had offered unlimited amount of money to the underground outfit to dislodge the SPF Govt before the Anti-Defection Bill became an Act the spokesperson said people is fully aware of the unholy alliance between the two while describing the NSCN (IM) as an outfit still endeavoring to dismantle the territorial integrity of Manipur.

Regarding the NSCN (IM) quoting confession of Letsei Haokip alias James Kuki the main accused in the school girl murder episode, Gunadhaja questioned why should a former member of the KNF whose relation with the Naga outfit is bitter take shelter at Dimapur considered as headquarters of the NSCN(IM).

James would have sought safer zones either dominated by the Kukis or where presence of NSCN (IM) is negligible instead of heading towards Dimapur if the whole exercise did not have political patronise and involvement of BJP leaders could not be ruled out, observed the MPCC.

Similarly, there is every possibility of NSCN (IM)'s involvement in the murder case taking into account the mysterious behavior of James, contended the MPCC.

If NSCN (IM) desires sincere solution to the murder case James should have been handed over to relevant authorities instead of conveying its interrogation findings that cannot be authenticated nor could be assumed as the whole truth as the process lacks transparency and public knowledge, it further said.

Brushing aside demands for resignation of the Speaker and the two Ministers based on statement of the underground outfit, the MPCC asked why BJP leader and Union Home Minister LK Advani declined to step down inspite of the CBI listing him in a particular case.

While CBI's charge is being undermined by the BJP leader question of resignation .of the Speaker and the Ministers based on claims of an unauthorized organization does not arise, said the statement adding those involved in the murder case would be ultimately known once the CBI begins and completes the probe.