MAPI lambastes State police
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, January 11: Manipur Peace and Integrity (MAPI) Council has lambasted the State Police Department for its inept handling of the Baby Lungnila Elizabeth murder case after the gory details of the case had been spilled out by an outlawed organization.

In a statement, publicity secretary of the council Ranjit maintained that police should have tried to verify the veracity of the statement made by Rome, one of the accused, in front of media persons while in the custody of the outlawed organization, instead of making him to retract his statement once in the custody of the police that he had said everything under pressure when he happens to be in the custody of the people.

MAPI said that the police should take the Lungnila murder case very seriously and should rendered their service sincerely and efficiently in dealing with the case without any regret as to who should get the credit for solving the case.