Close affinity drawn on 1st B'day of Kabui Mothers Assn
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 07: The first foundation day of Kabui Mothers� Association (KMA) was held at the Majorkhul Community hall today.

Speaking as chief guest of the function, MLA Vivek Raj said all the tribal communities in Manipur have their own distinct cultural identities.

However, despite these differences there is a strong underlining unity among the people of Manipur.

Just like the Meeteis, the Kabuis also have seven clans, and this shows we are essentially same and are of the same stock, the young MLA observed.

Sharing her thoughts at the occasion, Advocate Sumitra Kamei said there is no mention of Naga in the history of Manipur.

But after different groups of tribal communities who have some elements of similarity in lifestyles, food habit and cultural affinity came together, two distinct groups emerged as Nagas and Kukis.

Although, Kabuis come under the nomenclature of Nagas, they would neither belong to Naga or Kuki group but would remain as Kabuis despite pressures from various quarters, she said, while observing that the Kabuis still preserve their distinct tradition and cultural identities all these years.

She further said Kabuis are not indifferent to the call for integrity of Manipur.

But how the integrity of Manipur would come about is the moot question, she said, adding shouting integrity slogan simply will not help in achieving the this goal without bringing about emotional integration among the people first of all.

She further observed that the majority community should stop discriminating the people of the minority communities.

It is on this count that some of the differences have arose.

She also pointed out that observing Manipur Integrity day on two different days and under different banner cause confusion among the people.

Chairperson of Manipur Women�s Development Co-operation AK Mirabai, who was guest of honour of the function, noted that the role to be played by the Manipuri women, specially the mothers in the present social context is of great importance.

Apart from their undeniable contribution in the important issues of the State, they should inculcate cultural consciousness in the mind of their children besides imparting education on various aspects of life, she said.

In his address, UCM organising Secretary Yunamcha Dilipkumar asserted that the influence of the foreign religious waves that has swept among the people of Manipur would not be able to bring the people closer to one another.

Only a proper appreciation of the cultural heritage which we have bequeathed from our ancestral forefathers would able to do this, he maintained.

The function presided over by Kabui Mothers� Association Lukomlunglu Kamei was also attended by Kanglamei president Y Leirik Leima, MEEKHOL president AK Janaki Leima, Kuki Mothers� Association (KMA) president Rose Mangshi, Keithel Nupi Marup president Ibeni Leima, Manipur Muslim Women Development Organisation secretary Jana Begum as guests of honour.