IFCD gears up to meet monsoon woes
Source: The Imphal Free Press

Imphal, July 03: Even as monsoon breaks in the north eastern region, top officials of the state irrigation and flood control department, IFCD, are confident the department will be able to tackle any problem that arises of floods and the like in various parts of the state.

Officials of the department said a number of advanced measures have already been taken to prevent breach of river embankments and flooding, and the department is ready with necessary manpower and machinery to face any eventuality.

The additional chief engineer-I, S Devendra said at present the water levels in important rivers like Imphal, Iril, Nambul, Thoubal, Nambol which seasonally rises to some extent are now far below the warning level.

The official also mentioned that the irrigation and flood control department has identified all the vulnerable points and taken up measures to strengthen and repair damaged river embankments.

Around 30 vulnerable points have been repaired by the department so far in the case of the Imphal and Manipur rivers.

Also 10 vulnerable spots on the Iril river have been attended to, along with 19 on the Nambul river, five on the Kongba river, four on the Wangjing river, ten on the Khuga river, seven on the Thoubal river and six on the Sekmai river.

Also the department has taken up the task of clearing up the drainage systems and nullahs at Leimakhong, Sandangkhong, Arong, Langthel, Thisharok, Tarang Lrum river and Nongdambi Abulok.

The official added that necessary manpower and machinery have been stationed at the central flood control room at Khuyathong to tackle any problem.

The meteorological department has also extended help by making available relevant information.

Above Rs 30 lakhs have been spent by the department for taking up advance steps against flooding, the official revealed.

A large number of flood-fighting materials like empty cement bags, chattai and bamboos have also been procured for any eventuality.

The central flood control room, Khuyathong has started functioning from the month of May.

Other control rooms have also been activated at various places.

The police department is also cooperating by providing rainfall and water level data from various places like Kangpokpi, Litan etc.