Charenamei tells neighbours to accept reality
Source: The Sangai Express / NNN

Kohima, August 31: Lok Sabha MP from Manipur Outer Parliamentary Constituency Mani Charenamei has called upon the neighbouring communities to accept the �reality�.

Mani Charenamei today appealed while delivering at a mammoth gathering Kohima Local Ground, the neighbouring communities to accept the reality and lend their support to the just cause of the Nagas.

The Lok Sabha MP pledged his unflinching support to the just and the rightful cause of Naga untill an honourable solution is attained.

�The on-going peace talk between the government of India and the NSCN (IM) collective leadership is an important political step to realize the re-unification of our territories into one political unit�, Mr.Charenamai said, and stressed on the need to strengthen the ongoing peace process so that both parties can arrive at an amicable solution.

Making a strong reference on the Naga integration, the MP said the Nagas should be watchful and to remain prepared and united with resolute determination to move ahead with integration movement vigorously through democratic means.

Thanking the Nagaland government for passing four times resolution on the Naga integration in the state assembly, he said the Nagaland state has lived upto its responsibility and has done the right thing.

However he said that �it will be most appropriate if the Nagaland state government share the responsi- bility to sponsor the democratic and legitimate Naga integration movement and extend unflinching support to the Naga Hoho, which is spearheading the Naga integration / reunification movement as it is the only statutory authority which can be rightly move the Indian authority.

�The need to demand for integration of the Naga territories under one political entity has been necessitated because the land of the Nagas were divided without their( Nagas ) consent.

No civilized people in today�s world would accept such injustice, he opined and stated under the Indian constitution Article 3 and 4 there was provision for re-creation of boundaries.

�The demand for integration or reunification is therefore not illegal in the context of Indian constitution� he added.

The MP also said that the Naga people are now at the most crucial stage of its movement.

It is the time for every Naga leader particularly the elected representatives of the Nagas from all the Naga areas and all the citizens to express their solemn support and commitment to the one and only sacred cause of the Naga people.