Hericoun smells IM's hand in ANSAM stir
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 29: Alleging that NSCN (IM) leaders are instigating ANSAM to impose indefinite economic blockade on both the National Highways, Ethno Heritage Council (Hericoun) observed that short-sightedness of IM�s policy would lead to certain doom of the underground organisation as well as the student body.

A desperate Th Muivah, on being toyed around by the Government of India realising lack of command of the IM general secretary, is today dependent upon ANSAM to keep alive the vision of Greater Nagaland but due to mis-calculation the economic blockade is straining relationships among the Naga community, said Hericoun in a statement.

Besides pressure from civil societies and student organisations of the North East region to call off the agitation major section of the Nagaland society dissatisfied with Muivah�s vision of Naga integration compromising ideals of Naga sovereignty had openly come out against policy of Muivah, contended Hericoun referring to opposition of major Nagaland tribes to proposed Naga Integration rally at Dimapur.

Such open defiance, observed the Council, to the rally is a clear indication that Nagas of Nagaland promotes peace unlike Muivah and his followers whose agenda had been narrowed down covering interest of only some few Naga people of Manipur but still relying on divisive policy to bluff the entire Naga population.

It further perceived that Muivah�s ever diminishing goal from Naga sovereignty to integration of Nagas settled in the NE region further down to merger of four hill district of Manipur to Manipur might culminate with amalgamation of only Senapati and Ukhrul districts to Nagaland.

Failure to achieve these options provides substance on the IM general secretary finally settling for his home district as his lust for power illustrates, it added.

Expressing solidarity to feeling of resentment among the Naga community for the IM leader�s narrow outlook at the current juncture Hericoun described as unfortunate Nagas� cherished goal of sovereignty and trust upon IM leadership had been reduced to instigating a student body suffocate food chain of Manipur.

On declaration of June 18 as State integrity Day, Hericoun insisted that honouring exhibition of patriotism and willingness to sacrifice for a cause deserves the highest accolade and declaring holiday in remembrance of the martyred souls is appropriate.

Cutting of food supply to protest obeisance to the martyred souls cannot be justified, said the body while asserting that no amount of intensified agitation would lead to people of Manipur fret from responsibility to uphold unity and integrity of the State people.

Alleging Assam Rifles hand in vehicle torching incidents and bridge dismantling during the agitation period the Council cautioned the people that AR is attempting to avenge humiliating ouster from Kangla Fort in the wake of Th Manorama Devi killing.