NSCN IM has its say on Zeliangrong identity
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, May 29 (NNN): The Zeliangrong Region, NSCN-IM while dismissing the recent statement of the rival faction, the NSCN-K, which appeared in various newspapers on May 16, has said that Zeliangrong is the most unique tribe among the Nagas.

In a statement issued to NNN by Central Administrative Officer (CAO ) of the Zeliangrong Region, NSCN-IM, MK Winning said that the NSCN-IM had been playing a key role in keeping and maintaining the solidarity of the Zeliangrong people.

MK Winning stated that �the glaring reminder being that the NSCN-IM does not entertain and encourage tribalism in principle and practice.

However, it will not be a silent spectator to any force that pose challenge to the smooth progress of our national struggle�.

The Zeliangrong Region of the NSCN-IM also said that it was to the advantage of the Zeliangrongs if the Indians learn and understand the Nagas better as the Nagas are making every effort to educate the Indians and the rest of the world of the uniqueness of the Naga history.

The question of vitality of any secrecy of the Nagas being retained does not arise so long as the problem remains unresolved, as that need may arise after attainment the national goal as a matter of national security, said the statement of the NSCN-IM of Zeliangrong Region.

�You have to realise from the past that the second World War phenomenon which had divided east and west have become extinct in this present age of information and technology compelled by a situation for all nations to merge as global village, added the press note.

Elucidating on the statement of Lt Col.Chinaoyo, Commanding Officer of NP Batallion/Naga Army of the NSCN-IM, the press note of MK Winning said that Chinaoyo was just asserting that Nagas be paid due respect in their land by others as much as the Nagas were ready to reciprocate to sentiment in other peoples dominion.

On the Kuki/Naga ethnic clashes, MK Winning stated that the kuki/Naga ethnic clashes in the early nineties when both sides suffered more or less the same damage and casualties, and in that event the NSCN-IM was instrumental in bringing back reconcilliation between the two conflicting communities and showed the cordial relationship between the two neighbours as of now.

The Collective Leadership has been working relentlessly with mandate of the Nagas and the blessing of the Almighty are with the leaders to bring in an honourable and acceptable solution to the decades old Naga issue, said the CAO release.

He also then said that the NSCN-IM leader Th Muivah�s recent statement merely implies Nagas have to hope for the best and expect the worst and also that the Nagas be prepared and ready to face/tackle any situation when the ball is in the Nagas� court.

Coming down on the rival faction, MK Winning stated that the NSCN-K of the Zeliangrong Region should think twice before issuing any decree or diktat instead of unnecessary harassment to the public in future.

Leave it to the wisdom of the people to decide their own course of action as it is their fundamental rights and a covenant of God since creation, Winning contended.