�Investigation into Elizabeth's case making headway�
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, November 17: Optimistically stating that the investigation initiated into the kidnapping and murder of Lungnila Elizabeth by the Special Investigation team is making good progress, a senior Cabinet Minister today informed The Sangai Express that the Government too has changed its tact and the earlier decision to keep the people informed of the investigation being taken up has been aborted to facilitate smooth progress of the investigation.

The senior Cabinet Minister said that the investigation is progressing smoothly and the decision to reverse its earlier stand was taken to ensure that nothing hampers the investigation process.

The decision not to inform the public of the progress of the investigation through the press was taken following a special request from the police, he said.

The Special Investigation team will submit its report daily to the Chief Minister and the matter will be discussed with other senior Cabinet Ministers of the Government, he added.