Joy goes hammer and tongs against inept engineers
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 11: With road construction and road repairing dominating the proceedings of the morning session of Assembly today.

Opposition MLA O Joy zeroed in on engineers of the State Government for some severe tongue lashing.

Putting forward a question on the road repairing and construction work taken up from Chingamakha upto Manipur University and the construction works along Liwa road that leads to a number of schools including the Catholic School at Canchipur, the MLA from Langthabal constituency minced no words in pulling up the engineers for their inadequacy in meeting the demands of the modern times.

Responding to the queries from Joy, Works Minister Gaikhangam informed the House the work on the Liwa road, from 1.22 km to 1.48 km, started on February 25, 2000 with the work completing on July 24 the same year.

Work was also taken up from 1.48 km along the same route upto 2.8 km on July 10 the same year.

The construction work finished on July 9, 2001, the Minister added.

The Minister fully concurred with the views of the MLA that the construction and repairing work taken up from Chingamakha upto Manipur University has inconvenienced the daily commuters.

Inability to finish constructing and repairing the road on time has not only inconvenienced the general public but is also a blot on the image of the Department, agreed the Minister.

In an incensed tone Joy asked under what circumstances and reasoning the Chingamakha-MU road was elevated while there was just no need for that.

The Opposition MLA also asked why perfectly motorable roads should be dug out adding that the engineers may have taken up the whole exercise just to earn some quick and easy money.

The Opposition MLA also said the time has come to black list contractors who fail to discharge their works properly and added that the functioning of the Works Department should not be dictated according to the fancy and whims of some engineers and contractors.

Gaikhangam assured to look into the matter highlighted by Joy.

To another question raised by Joy and pertaining to the Lilong-Samurou road, Gaikhangam said the stretch is divided into four parts and repairing work was to be completed by September 12 last year.

However nothing has been done so far, he admitted.

To another question raised by I Hemochandra, the Minister said that of the 21 works taken up along the Imphal-Moreh route four have been completed.

A sum of Rs 2,365,64 has been sanctioned for taking up the 21 works, informed the Minister adding that a sum of Rs 1,252,25 has already been utilized.

The MLA drew the attention of the Minister to the uneven contours of the Imphal-Moreh road adding that it has led to numerous mishaps and urged the Minister to look into the matter.