AMUCO slams 'two tongued Cong'
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, February 11: Recalling the UPA Government's Common Minimum Programme which clearly laid down that territorial boundaries of the North Eastern States will be protected, the All Manipur United Clubs' Organisation (AMUCO) has decried the reported AICC's endorsement of the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee's (NPCC) election manifesto which sought integration of all contiguous Naga inhabited areas.

It also accused the AICC of maintaining double-standard.

A statement issued by the AMUCO alleged that since the day Manipur was merged with the Indian Union, the Government of India has been persistently scheming to vitiate the cordial relationship among the different ethnic groups of the Manipur and also to destroy the spirit of collective struggle.

To realise such diabolic conspiracies, the Union Government has created a political class which can turn against their own people and sell out the interest of the State, alleged AMUCO.

These political classes have been resorting to all available means, fair and foul, just to grab power in the State Assemblies of the North Eastern States to commit all kinds of injustices against their own peoples.

In their dirty war for political power, these political classes have been using the people as mere pawns, it asserted.

Under such obliterated view towards the North East people, the Union Government has been making repeated attempts to create divisions and animosity amongst the indigenous peoples of the region, claimed AMUCO.

The recent move of the AICC endorsing the NPCC's election manifesto in violation of the Common Minimum programme of the UPA Government of which the Congress party is the biggest coalition partner is a clear act of victimising the people of the North East region in their battles for political power, asserted AMUCO.

Stating that people have been standing steadfast against the 'divide and rule policy' of the Government of India, AMUCO reminded all the political parties and politicians that fundamental rights, the bond of love among the indigenous peoples and territorial integrity of the land are being safeguarded by the collective struggle of the people.

Pledging support to the collective decision of the people, the AMUCO declared that it will always stand firm against any ploy of the Union Government which poses threat to the territorial integrity and unity of the people of Manipur.