O Joy's move to amend 10th Schedule defeated
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 05: Drama gripped the afternoon session of the Assembly today when O Joy moved a Private Member Resolution to effect suitable amendments in clauses 3 and 4 of the Anti-defection Bill and tried to get it passed under the Rule 360.A voice vote had to be finally taken to settle the issue with Joy's motion getting defeated.

Putting forward the Private Member Resolution, "The State Assembly today agree to press the Centre to make suitable amendments in clause 3 and 4 of the Anti-Defection Bill," the MPP president said that the short comings in the Anti-Defection Law has given a blow to the very essence of democracy.

He further said that the law should be amended in such a way that any member who ditches his parent party is disqualified immediately.

Opposition MLAs including L Ibomcha of the FPM, I Hemochandra of the FPM and BD Behring of the BJP extended their support to the Private Member Resolution moved by O Joy.

L Ibomcha said split and merger are the same as defection and added such practices demean the principles of democracy.

As Manipur has earned the dubious distinction of witnessing the largest number of party hopping and horse trading it is only fitting that the State Assembly should resolve to press the Centre to make effective amendments in the Anti-Defection Law.

Joining in the discussion Law Minister L Nandakumar said that the Centre has accepted that the Anti-Defection Law has become controversial and is studying whether it should be amended or not.

However it would not be proper for the Assembly to pass a resolution on the matter.

At the most the House can only air its views.

Industries Minister Th Debendra said if the resolution is passed it could lead to many inconveniences and appealed to Joy to withdraw the motion.