IMMA shares thought on IM-GoI talks, AFSPA
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 29: Deliberating on the twin issue of ongoing Naga political talks and AFSPA president of International Manipuri Mothers� Assn (Imma) Khumanleima said need of the hour is to stand united in addressing the challenging problems.

Interacting with media-persons at the Sangaipat Thangjam Leirak office of the Assn today Khumanleimai categorically stated that NSCN (IM) pursuing formation of greater Nagaland under the pretext of peace dialogue is illogical and that history do not support the cause.

Commenting that Naga is a recently coined nomenclature resulting out of armed movement of the NSCN (IM) the Imma president argued that historical facts never illustrate Nagas as a single entity.

Cautioning Govt of India against trudging on the please-NSCN (IM) path in search for a short-cut solution of the Naga issue, she said the centre should realise global repercussion when Manipuris demand restoration of its demographic status quo and formation of greater Manipur.

Elaborating on the matter, Khumanleima highlighted that Manipuris despite being aware of conquering the erstwhile kale (present day Burma) in 636 AD, occupation of Kabow Valley in the 1824s and later gifting of over 7500 square Kms by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1952 never raised demand for replenishing the lost boundary considering the fact that such a move would cause turmoil in the region.

Moreover, historical facts of 1833 and 1886 refers to Kohima as being a part of Manipur during the reign of Maharaj Bheigyachandra and Kullachandra with the latter obliging British intimation to establish a police station of the British empire at Kohima in the 1860s thereby losing the present Nagaland capital, iterated the woman activist with reference of past geographical size of Manipur.

Compared to the NSCN (IM) agenda of clubbing Naga inhabited portion of Manipur for formation of Greater Nagaland Manipuris scattered in various parts of Assam, Burma and Bangladesh are loyal to their state/nation and never rose to demand amalgamation of these areas to Manipur, she said.

Describing as unfortunate that section of the Naga society in Manipur advocating merger of Naga dominated land with Nagaland, Khumanleima said such an objectionable move would lead to compromising spirit of peace coexistence amongst various communities in the region.

Rather than blindly follow illusive dream hatched by vested interests who are presently relying on agenda of Naga integration as cover up operation for failure to fetch Nagas� cherished goal of sovereignty, she said it would be more appropriate if Manipuri Nagas strive for advancement and prosperity of the development-starved people and take pledge to protect the emotional and territorial integrity of Manipur.