Jun 18 holiday has no bearing on State integrity : AMUCO
Source: North East Press Service

Kohima, July 23 (NEPS): As part of the resolutions adopted by the Eminent Persons Group on July 3, AMUCO has today asserted that the Centre and State Government should leave no stone unturned to ensure that essential commodities reach the people in the face of the economic blockade enforced since June 19 midnight and also stressed that no force on earth would be allowed to severe the ties that bind the people together.

In a statement issued to the press today, AMUCO said along with some other organisations it has been visiting different places to hold discussions on the sufferings faced by the people and added that this is being done as part of the resolutions adopted by the Eminent Persons Group on July 3.On the decision of the Government to declare June 18 as State holiday, AMUCO said that such a decision does not have much meaning on the ties that bind the different communities together and reasoned that a State holiday will not strengthen the integrity of Manipur.

Even if there is no holiday, it doesn't mean that Manipur will disintegrate.

The integrity of Manipur can only be protected by the ties that bind the people together, it added.

It is this relationship that should be strengthened, observed AMUCO.

No force on earth can defile the 2000 year old history of Manipur as long as the people live together as one, said AMUCO.Ever since Manipur merged with the Indian Union, it has been facing the political game of divide and rule.

Till today the so called political leaders and representatives of the people have been adopting sectarian stands to further their political career instead of strengthening the ties of the people, AMUCO lamented.

Instead of ushering in development and an egalitarian society to take the place forward, what we see today is abject poverty and differences in development with no future in sight, added the statement.

It is precisely because of this that there are so many movements to realise one's rights and aspirations in the land said AMUCO and it is to defeat these movements, that the different forces have adopted the divide and rule policy which has posed a grave threat to the unity of the people.

Wittingly or unwittingly a good number of organisations which are there to work for the welfare of the people have lapped up the policies of the rulers of the land, observed AMUCO.

However despite the many challenges, the people as a whole have been protecting the integrity of Manipur as well as the close ties amongst the different communities.

AMUCO also asked the organisations which are working hands in gloves with the rulers of the day not to sow the seeds of communal distrust and try to severe the ties that bind the people together.

The statement further said that AMUCO is strongly opposed to the policies adopted by some political leaders to take political mileage out of the situation by trying to act as sons of the soil and in the process sowing the seeds of distrust.

The Common Minimum Programme of the UPA which says that the boundary of Manipur and other North East States will not be altered is just an eye wash, charged AMUCO and added that the deafening silence maintained by the Centre even though the economic blockade has crossed the one month mark, is a clear testimony that the Centre is satisfied in watching the people suffer.

The statement further said that the people of Manipur and the NE will stand firm against the designs of the Centre to break up the existing boundaries by allowing some political leaders to spew venoms to the effect that land can be created for a particular community.

The highway blockade is against all human laws, said AMUCO and added that even imposing a one hour economic blockade is treated as war crime.

The manner in which Delhi has been merely watching the situation shows that they are waiting for the people to confront each other.

However the Centre and the State Govt should know that no designs to start off a communal violence will succeed with the people of Manipur.