UCM takes umbrage at CM's remarks
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 25: Reacting to the purported disparaging remarks passed by the Chief Minister on the floor of the Assembly against the civil societies working to safeguard the territorial integrity of Manipur, the United Committee Manipur today said such statement will mislead not only the people but also the House.

In a statement, UCM said that it is unfortunate that the Chief Minister has overlooked the tremendous achievements and efforts of the civil societies to promote the interest and cause of the people of Manipur.

The territory of Manipur is today under a threat because of the divide and rule policy introduced by the British and pursued by the Indian Government after Manipur merged with the Indian Union in 1949, said UCM and added that through out these years, it has been the voice of the civil societies which have been protecting and promoting the interest of the State and the people.

UCM took pains to remind the Chief Minister and others concerned that it was through the efforts of the civil societies that Manipur was granted the status of a full fledged State on January 21, 1972.Even in 1992, Manipuri language was included in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution after months of protest launched by civil societies.

It was not the effort of the Government which gave the recognition to Manipuri language, it added with good effect.

Kangla was restored to the people of Manipur after more than 30 years of demand raised by different civil societies and not the Government, added UCM.

Even today, the Armed Forces Special Powers Act has been lifted from the municipal areas of Imphal after the people rose as one to demand the repeal of the Act, reminded the UCM.

If the disclosure of the UCM that two MPs, two Cabinet Ministers and some MLAs from both the ruling and Opposition had appended their signatures on the memorandum endorsing the formation of Greater Nagaland was detrimental, then how about the report filed by the editor of North East Sun, Deepak Dewan, wherein he reported even the serial number where the MPs and the MLAs had signed the memorandum, it countered.

Was the memorandum signed under duress, asked UCM and added that the Government should find out the ground under which they were made to sign the memorandum.

If intimidation was used, then the Government should provide more security to the people's representatives, it suggested.

The mass movement against the extension of the cease fire between the NSCN (IM) and the GoI to the soil of Manipur was also spearheaded by the civil societies and even today different civil societies are trying to cement the ties that bind the people of different communities.

The Government has not done anything on this front, asserted UCM.

In a democracy there will always be civil societies to check the functioning of the Government.

If the Government does as it pleases then it will not be democracy but dictatorship, said UCM.