HERICOUN, UPF observe Ereipak Kanba Numit
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, February 24: In recommendation of the signing of Treaty of Yandaboo between the British and the Burmese on this day in 1826 which recognised the independence of then princely State of Manipur, Ereipak Kanba Numit was observed today.

Organised jointly by Ethno-Heritage Council (HERICOUN) and United People's Front (UPF), Manipur, the commemoration function was attended by president of HERICOUN Renghang Chothe and president of UPF Th Mangi Singh as presidium members.

Delivering the key note address of the function, secretary organisation of HERICOUN N Achouba reminded that after the incident of 'seven years devastation' of Manipur by the Burmese from 1819 to 1825, a treaty was signed between the British Government and the Burmese on February 24, 1826 at Yandaboo.

In the treaty which has come to be known as 'Treaty of Yandaboo', the then princely State of Manipur was recognised as a sovereign independent State.

So, February 24, 1826 is an important day on which Manipur regained its lost sovereignty from the hands of the Burmese marauders after seven years of devastation.

The sovereignty of Manipur that had been lost for seven years as a result of hostility and distrust among the Manipuri princes could be regained only after fighting against the Burmese unitedly under the leadership of the Gambhir Singh and Nar Singh.

After driving out the Burmese invaders from the soil Manipur, Gambhir was duly recognised by both the British and Burmese Governments by the Treat of Yandaboo.

Remembrance of such a day is essential not only to retrospect the event but also to introspect on its impact on the present, Achouba added.

Advocate Y Ratankumar, social activist Ningthouja Lancha and Prof W Nabakumar were among the resource persons who spoke at the occasion.

Ratankumar spoke on the theme of human rights situation in Manipur, Lancha on the existing economic condition of the State and Nabakumar on the topic of redefining ethnic community politics for a change into unified forces to meet the future changes.