D Sanga sombre; Thangso promises
Source: The Sangai Express / S Singlianmang Guite

Lamka, January 24: Two aspiring MLAs from the district, D Sanga Vaiphei and the incumbent Singngat MLA Thangso Baite kick started their campaign for the upcoming election today.

D Sanga Vaiphei, a NCP contender for 57-Henglep AC even turned sombre while spelling out his agenda to a handful of his cohorts inside the house of Th Lamkam, the chief of Kangvai village.

Addressing his supporters, Sanga claimed that elected representatives of today are considered despots because of their conduct.

'It's not my intention to exploit the people as a means of securing handsome returns rather, the people should be able to exploit me for securing lasting and reliable returns', he claimed.

Attaining prominence after he quit the presidential post of Zillai, a Vaiphei students' association, the young and enthusiastic contender hand picked three trustees today for running the show.

In a separate gathering at Hmar Veng, president of Vaiphei Peoples' Council Kamkholal formally inaugurates the election office of Thangso Baite, the incumbent Singngat AC MLA.

Addressing his supporters Thangso Baite claimed that the initiatives he has taken up during his tenure were more than enough for re-electing him.

He however promised to do more if he was re-elected.