Jiri A/C : Who will have the last laugh?
Source: The Sangai Express / Jacob Panmei

Jiribam, January 22: The coming 9th Assembly Elections will witness an interesting close fight in 40 Jiribam Assembly Constituency.

Significantly , there are atleast five candidates in the fray which is the highest number so far in this AC.

No doubt, each candidate will play to the gallery and demand Revenue District status for the sub-division which is the burning issue at present.

Another point that can affect the outcome of the poll is the communal factor as the town is inhabited by numerous communities.

It is not without reason that Jiribam is often dubbed as a "mini India" in this regard.

It is obvious that some candidates will play the communal card to garner votes in their favour.

With the Election fast approaching, mud-slinging game among the candidates has started in right earnest.

Th Debendra Singh, a Congress stalwart and who has been ruling this constituency for twenty five long years will face an acidtest this time as he will be facing the toughest battle ever.

As per expectations, the candidates who will give Debendra, a run for his money are A Biren Singh, an NCP candidate who once tasted power for a short stint of one and half year and new blood E Dipti Kumar, an Independent candidate who is hoping to taste glory this time despite biting the dust twice earlier.

The other two candidates who cannot be ignored are L.Enga Hmar and Md.Jabbar Ali who claim themselves to be solidly backed by their respective communities.

Indeed, the two can be equally potential as others if they play the their cards right.

Every candidate is already victorous on their views as of now.

Not to forget, who ever wins, will have to fulfil the aspirations of the people in converting the Sub-Divisional town into full-fledged revenue district at the foremost.

Now it remains to be seen that who will emerge victorous out of the secret ballot boxes which will tell the people's verdict.

As of now, the battle is eventually poised in Jiribam AC.

The question is, who will have the last laugh?.