Some minor repair works done
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, July 18: SOME MINOR repair works have been taken up and there is no proposal for inclusion in PMGSY works for the year 2002-03, Mr Gaikhangam, Work Minister gave this information in the house today in reply to a question raised by S Chandra, MLA.

He disclosed that there are two numbers of sanctioned estimates for improvement work from 15 to 21 km and 21 to 24 km, the amount being Rs 14,46,300/- and Rs 11,99,300/- respectively.

Tender has also been floated which is under scrutiny for acceptance.

The Minister also replied to a question raised by Sovakiran that there are pending bills for the non-plan and plan expenditures of the Works Dept, Manipur to be paid to the contractors.

The bill pending under plan is Rs.32.96 crores, while tor the non-plan is Rs 9.76 crores.

Due to the state financial crunch the whole amount could not be released in time.

The payment will be made in keeping with the state financial status, he commented.

The construction of bridge over Thongjaorok Turel at Khoijuman village No 39 of Bishenpur is started on 23-03-1997 with estimated amount of Rs.11,68,453/- the work is physically completed except the approach road to the bridge on both sides, Minister replied.

It is also a fact the construction has encroached 0.03 acres of private land under patta No 39/180 comprising Dag No 112,114 and 415 of the village No 39 of Khujairok Khullen.

The Works Minister informed that amount of money sanctioned and expenditure incurred so far for Irilbung and Yairipok bridges is Rs 71.37 lacs and Rs 96.33 lacs respectively.

This is in the state plan, the Minister replied to Dr NC Luwang.

Under the CRF scheme for the said construction Rs 159.73 lacs have been sanctioned and expenditure amount is Rs 9.00 lacs.

Rs 86.53 lacs were sanctioned for the construction of Yairipok Bridge while Rs 18.09 lacs were incurred in the construction.

Under the CRF scheme Rs 117.86 were sanctioned.

Of the sanctioned money no amount is utilized as of today.

Giving the details of lrilbung Bridge and Yairipok Bridge, the Minister replied that the length of the Irilbung bridge is 78.34 metre consisting of three spans of 26.10 metres each.

Construction and sinking of the well foundations are in progress.

Yairipok bridge has a length of 56.10 metres having two spans of 28.05 metres each.

The well foundation for the central pier has been sunk up to a depth of 10.912 meters against design depth of 14.50 meters.