Hill people's effort to protect integrity should be remembered
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, October 15: There seems to seem confusion between the people of the valley and the hill over the issue of the release of 13 NSCN(IM) members.

The people are restless Gaikhangam, Spokesperson of the SPF government also Works minister today said in a press note.

Only some individuals are responsible for it.

We should fall prey to their game plan he said.

We all should fight the game plan unitedly he said.

It would be wrong to misconstrue the poor hill people living in the jungles who do not have even proper dresses to wear and food to eat.

We all should remember that the hill people are protecting the boundary of Manipur.

For ages we have been saying, "Manipur surrounded by the hills, guarded by the hill people".

It is true and continues to be an integral part of our history he said.

The territorial integrity is guarded jointly by the hill and the plain people he pointed out.

He reiterated that the hill people are guarding the territory of Manipur.

During the seven years devastation the King had fled to Cachar.

When he was pursued by the Burmese the tribals living at Tongjei Maril stopped the Burmese he reminded.

There were many hill people amongst all those who were tortured and killed, he said.

For thousands of years the hill people have been protecting the boundary and they will continue to do so.

For our motherland Manipur he said efforts to protect Manipur will be taken up.

The hill and the valley people should live harmoniously he said and the people do not want to break up Manipur.

The hill people are protecting the boundary we all should know.

For instance the hill people of Tungjoy have been fighting the people of Nagaland in their efforts to protect integrity.

Many lives were given up to safeguard integrity he said as villagers of Khej Khenumo came to Manipur with swords and daggers Gaikhangam reminded.

Did any of those who are shouting for Manipur's integrity care to remember them even for a moment he said.

Have any of those vouching for territorial integrity lauded the people of Jessami and Mao Song Song to thwart designs to stop encroaching by the people of Chija and Khenuma of Nagaland he asked.

There is a fight continuing over the issue of Dzuko valley.

People are frightened due to the strike.

It is just like a quack giving wrong medicine to an illrnan Gaikhangam said.

All decisions or actions contemplated should be taken after considering the sacrifices made by the hill people to protect integrity he said.

The BJP leaders would not have uttered whatever they said if they understood the problems.

The Chief Minister had already clarified that the Dy Prime Minister LK Advani did not pressurize the centre to release the 15 cadres.

The government can not be pressurized to do something by any individual he clarified.

The decision was taken considering the ground realities it was reported.

The state government simply informed the centre about the arrest he said.

We have to remember that we also have to listen to what the centre urges the state to do so.