Student bodies appeal, flay
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 12: Fervently appealing to social and youth organisations to exercise maximum restraint in expressing their sentiments in the backdrop of the prolonged economic blockade MSF, DESAM and AMSU called upon the people to stay alert to foil disruptive elements from exploiting the fluid situation.

The student bodies observed that the prevailing situation need concerted efforts from every section of the society in preserving the century old cordial relationships amongst various communities living in the State.

In a joint statement, the student bodies also condemned the ineffectiveness of the State Government in solving the over 20 day national highway impasse that had severely curtailed supply of essential commodities to the common people.

Charging the State authorities of failure to bring the agitating ANSAM representatives in settling the present sensitive issue honourably the bodies contended that such callousness on the part of the Government vividly reflects the fact that State authorities do not harbour goodwill for the general masses.

Referring to the IRB men unjustifiably opening firing at civilians it further alleged that such condemnable conduct of the law enforcing agents substantiate public perception that State Government is merely executing Centre�s divide and rule policy by instigating one community against the other.

Highlighting public plight due to low food-stock in the markets MSF, DESAM and MSF unequivocally expressed that Government need to declared current food position stocked at Government godowns and make arrangement for distribution of the same at every possible location to address food shortage crisis.