Boundary Commission raises UCM's hackles
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, June 08: Reacting sharply against the story that the Government of India may constitute a Boundary Commission to study the Naga inhabited areas in the backdrop of the demand raised to integrate all Naga inhabited areas, the United Committee Manipur today raised two questions for the SPF Government to answer immediately.

In a statement, UCM asked whether the SPF Government has given the permission for the NSCN (IM) to open their designated camps on the soil of Manipur and whether it has agreed to the proposal to constitute the Boundary Commission.

Protecting the territory of Manipur is not something new, said UCM and recalled that as far back as 1965, the people of Manipur had told the Indian Government that the boundary of Manipur can never be compromised.

The spontaneous protest of the people against the Bangkok Declaration that extended the cease fire between the NSCN (IM) and the Centre to Manipur and the ultimate sacrifice by 18 persons is testimony to the fact that the people will brook no attempt to compromise with the territory of Manipur, said UCM.

Manipur is home to a number of communities and there is no specific area which can be said to belong to any particular community, said UCM and urged the people to protect the age old heritage left behind by the forefathers through sweat and toil.

Two Cabinet Ministers of the SPF Govt and a number of MLAs have also appended their signatures on the memorandum endorsing the formation of Greater Nagaland, recalled UCM and added that in such a situation the time has come for the State Govt to issue a public declaration.

UCM also asked the people to be wary of any elements who may try to fan communal passion and project the stand of the people in the wrong light.

Appealing to all to be wary of the designs of many elements, UCM said the people should not be taken in by promises of developmental projects or money for that would ring out the message that the people of Manipur can be easily bought over.