ANSAM's agitation is a folly: TIPS
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 03: Asserting that the demand of ANSAM to revoke the June 18 declaration is self defeating, the Threatened Indigenous Peoples' Society today said that the demand to the procedure adopted by ANSAM to find an amicable solution are all misdirected follies.

In a statement, TIPS said that the declaration of June 18 as State integrity day is very significant and has historical basis and explained that the June 18 uprising was to defeat the attempt to disturb the territorial boundaries of the region by the Indian Govt.Demanding the revocation of the June 18 declaration is more than an open conspiracy to disintegrate the oneness of the State and the people, maintained TIPS.

Directly questioning ANSAM, TIPS countered why a student body of Manipur would labour to break Manipur and further questioned whether they have lost their historical and moral conscience.

TIPS further said that the agitation of ANSAM is rigged with procedural defects and flaws.

The economic blockade was abruptly imposed on June 20 without bothering to serve a memorandum or ultimatum to the Government.

Stating that such abrupt act of imposing an economic blockade was unconstitutional and unbecoming of a student body, TIPS said that there should be certain norms for putting up any demand.

Reasonable time should be given to the authority concerned to look into the matter and see what can be done, the statement added.

The economic blockade is not 40 hours but 40 days now, said the statement and added that such a prolonged act of choking the lifeline outrages the basic human rights of the people.

On the conditions of ANSAM that any talk should be held in a hill dist, TIPS said that the student body should rethink their stand.

Is it correct to put up such a demand to the CM of a State, asked TIPS.

ANSAM should learn to honour the office of the Chief Minister and advised the student body, �Let's not pull the string beyond its elastic limit�.

TIPS also lambasted the Centre for remaining indifferent to the suffering of the people caused by the blockade.

What is the motive of the Indian Govt in remaining deaf and blind to the suffering faced by the people of Manipur for 40 days, asked TIPS.