MLAs nail Rishang with betrayer tag
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 24: Literally dubbing Rishang Keishing a betrayer, two Congress MLAs, K Ranjit and N Biren today said that the time has Gome for the longest serving Chief Minister of Manipur to stop his shenanigans for the people are no longer fooled by his double speak.

In a statement issued to the press today, the two MLAs said that the seeds of the present situation in Manipur were sowed some 20/30 years back and recalled the time when Rishang was with the United Naga Integration Council.

At the time when Rishang merged the UNIC with the Congress, the people could not see his political agenda and added that today the seeds sown by Rishang then have blossomed.

The MLAs questioned what he meant by saying that the memorandum he signed was not for the endorsement of forming a Greater Nagaland but about integrity.

It is a shame that a man who has the distinction of being the longest serving Cm of the State should side with the team that is seeking to break up Manipur, said the two MLAs and dubbed Rishang Keishing as a betrayer.

The hills were deliberately neglected by such politicians who were at the seat of power for 20/30 years so that the lack of development in the hill, areas may be cited as a reason to sow the seeds of communal distrust, said the statement.

Since the agenda of Rishang Keishing is known to all today, it would be better for him to remain quiet and not try to act like as if he interested in the welfare of the people of Manipur.

The best option for him would be to remain quiet instead of trying to take initiatives to resolve the current impasse, added the two MLAs.

The MLAs also reminded all that Rishang signed the memorandum endorsing the formation of a Greater Lim despite the fact that he is representing Manipur in the Rajya Sabha.