CPI braces for a coalition Govt
Governor urged to ensure justice

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, February 23: Calculating that no single party would be able to get absolute majority in the 9th Assembly election, CPI has braced up for a coalition Government with at least 3/4 political parties.

Speaking to reporters today at his official quarters, CPI leader Ph Parijat said that his party would certainly take a major role in the establishment of a coalition Government.

Sharing his view on the prospects of different political parties, Parijat asserted that Congress party would most probably emerge as the single largest party while he is expecting 8 to 10 CPI MLAs from the valley constituencies in addition to another one from Churachandpur district.

The political outfit fielded a total of 28 candidates in the Assembly elections.

Out of five sitting MLAs, the party is confident of 4 MLAs retaining their seats leaving Patsoi A/C.Further, the party is hopeful of victory in two constituencies of Thoubal district, in Khundrakpam A/C and Kshetrigao A/C of Imphal East and in Sekmai A/C and Langthabal A/C of Imphal West.

Saying that the combined strength of Congress and CPI would not reach the requisite number to form the next Govt, Parijat said that it would be inevitable to forge political ties with at least two other political parties to form the Govt.CPI would take a major role in forging alliance with other political parties to materialise the coalition Govt, he said.

In view of the certain crucial issues prevalent in both the hills and valley, the coalition Govt would go together with all political parties and the forthcoming Assembly would be a multi-party Assembly, Parijat said.

In ACs where CPI did not put up its candidates, the CPI workers were instructed in advance not to work against Congress party, he said while disclosing that the relation between ruling coalition partners´┐Ż CPI and Congress was very much strained on more than one occasions.

In addition to their attempt to show case CPI as a minor partner, Congress schemed to ensure defeat of CPI candidates, he observed.

Because of the electoral politics being pursued on communal lines among Nagas and Kukis, both the CPI candidates in Chandel district are facing difficulties.

Nevertheless, Parijat exuded confidence that one of its candidate would get elected from Churachandpur district.

Observing that the 9th Assembly elections was very much different from previous elections, Parijat noted that even as UG cadres did not get themselves directly and in totality, their involvement to a certain extent can not be denied this time.

He further disclosed that one UG group openly campaigned for his rival Congress candidate.

Parijat opined that the basic motives of UG groups taking part in the electoral process might be their desire to install a State Govt of regional party/parties instead of National parties or to ensure success of their chosen candidates so that the elected MLAs can be swayed according to their whim.