Lim demand in manifesto
Report out of context : Cabinet

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, February 11: Responding to the media reports as well as the reaction of quite a large number of political parties and voluntary organisations over the election manifesto of the Nagaland Congress vis-a-vis the demand for the creation of a Nagalim, the Cabinet today said that what was reported in the newspapers is totally different and out of context of what is being written in the manifesto of Nagaland Congress.

An official statement issued by the Chief Minister's Secretariat said an informal meeting of the Cabinet was convened today at 10.30 am to discuss the matter.

The line referred to by the media in the manifesto read, "The Indian National Congress in Nagaland will continue to urge upon the Government of India to implement the 16 point Agreement of 1960 in letter and spirit," it said.

The Cabinet clarified that the demand for the implementation of the 16 point Agreement has been there since 1960, but the Government of India has never accepted the demand which may affect the peaceful co-existence of the North Eastern States.

"Therefore, it is clear that what is reported in the newspapers is totally different and out of context of what is written in the manifesto," maintained the SPF Cabinet.

Assuring the people that there is nothing to be alarmed about, the statement however said that the Government understands the apprehensions caused in the mind of the people following the media reports.

The statement added that the State Government has apprised the matter to the Prime Minister, the president of the AICC, Union Home Minister and general secretary of AICC in charge of North East.

Asserting that the Government is committed to protecting the territorial integrity of Manipur, the statement said that the Common Minimum Programme of the UPA has reflected this.

The Cabinet also appealed to the people to maintain peace and tranquillity and work towards strengthening the bond of love and friendship.