NE mortgaged to NSCN (IM): AMSU
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, October 04: The government has mortgaged the north eastern region to NSCN (IM) the AMSU today charged.

It questioned the activities done by the government to protect integrity.

Speaking loud will not protect integrity it said.

Is the government treating the resolutions of Manipur Assembly to protect territorial integrity as mere papers it questioned.

As the centre has not clarified on the matter it clearly exposes the intentions of the centre.

The peace talk between NSCM (IM) and govt of India has re-ignited the issue of integrity of Manipur.

The emissary of India government K Padmanabaiah will face the consequences one day.

It was defeated in the great June uprising incident that took place on June 18, 2001.The government is forcing conflicts in four districts.

As it could not succeed they are trying to force another conflict by aiming at two districts - Ukhrul and Senapati district.

If the integrity of Manipur is affected the identity of India will also be affected.

These were stated in a press release issued by North Imphal United Club and Meira Paibi Organization, Koirengei bazar.

The people of Manipur should take a firm decision it added.