Monika's case: Family against testing B sample
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, September 29: While the family members of ace weight lifter Laishram Monika Devi have expressed reservation against the Centre's move to get her B sample tested saying that it might have been tampered to crush her sporting career, the Coordinating Committee Against the "Conspiracy" to Exclude Monika from Beijing Olympics by the Centre, however, has stated that it will wait, watch and react on what the Centre is doing to bring justice and punish the guilty officials.

Following the recommendation of the TS Krishnamurthy's probe report, the Union Sports Ministry directed the National Dope Testing Laboratory (NDTL) to get Monika's B Sample tested at the Tokyo based accredited World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) laboratory to ascertain the truth.

However, the Centre's move has not gone down well with the family members of Monika.

"We don't think such a move will bring justice.

It would finish the sporting career of my already hurt sister.

We also think such a step is a wicked ploy to save the skins of the guilty officials involved in pulling her out from the Beijing Olympics on false charges of failing the dope test at the last minute," elder sister of Monika, Laishram Sunila Devi said today, reacting to her Centre's move.

''Why did the Centre keep mum when she (Monika) demanded such a test should be conducted minutes after she allegedly flunked the dope test and was dropped from the Olympic contingent, and why it now desires to conduct the test now ?'' Sunila countered.

She also questioned as to why Monika was dropped from the Indian Olympic squad only to be cleared at the eleventh hour and subsequently rejected by the International Olympic Committee for late entry.

"When such overt unwanted practices have already been committed we think it would be easy for the guilty persons to pollute her B Sample and hence we strongly reject such tests.

We firmly believe that this could be the last resort for the wrongdoers to save themselves and kill Monika's career," the elder sister fumed.

Sunila also conveyed that her family's desire of launching agitation on the matter by the people of Manipur under the initiatives of the Coordinating Committee.

On the other hand, a key functionary of the Committee, while commenting on the proposed B Sample test and Monika's family rejection , said the Committee does not want to go down into such technicalities.

"It is quite clear that injustice had been done on Monika as she was dropped on false dope charges and was latter allowed to take part in Olympics at the inadmissible hour.

Whether her B Sample test gets negative or positive the guilty officials should be punished," he said.

Manipur has been in turmoil since Monika was dropped from the Olympic squad on false doping charge.

Two State wide general strikes were called on August 8 and 19 .

The coordinating committee had put a ban on State athletes from participating in zonal, National and International tournaments for about a month.

It was lifted only after the Centre initiated a CBI probe to ascertain the facts and circumstances leading to removal of Monika from Beijing Olympics.