AMESCO presents Shajibu Khudol
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, April 19 2009: All Manipur Ethnical Socio Cultural Organisation (AMESCO) organised Shajibu Khudol Tamba, Eegi Khongul Liba programme at Mapao Keithelmanbi of Senapati district today.

Poirei Leimarol Apunba Meira Paibi Manipur president Memchoubi, AMESCO vice-president IB Luwang, Mapao Keithelmanbi village chief Z Sailei, village elder L Jaoson, Happy Valley chief Thangkhomei Vaiphei, Mapao Keithelmanbi Women's Society representative Daisy and Koireng Utonglok village representative Teba were the members of dais of the said function.

Giving keynote address, AMESCO general secretary S Nando said that valley sisters present New Year's gift to their hill brothers every year.

To sustain this hill-valley relationship, the association organised the programme at Mapao Keithelmanbi today.

Nando asserted that it is only because of some external divisive plot that the people residing in different areas of the State distance themselves from one another.

Different communities residing in the hill and valley are the descendants of a same Mongoloid stock, Nando remembered.

Purung village chief David Kom urged the bigger communities to safeguard the smaller ones to flourish unity in Manipur.

Teba of Utonglok Koireng village emphasised on the need to bridge the gap between hill and valley.

Maintaining that candidates of both Inner and Outer Manipur Parliamentary Constituencies of the Lok Sabha elections try to win the hearts of the voters with their promises on integrity issue, Social activist Sanlui Guite urged both hill and valley people not to get fooled by such political ploy.

In olden days, all the blame were slapped to hill people, but Meitei's have now realised their faults, Guite added.

Valley ningols (sisters) presented Shajibu khudol (New Year's gift) to their brothers of Utonglok Koireng, Happy Valley and Purung village in today's function.