Ibobi should have stepped down: UNC
Source: The Sangai Express

Senapati, August 17 (NNN): The United Naga Council (UNC) while ridiculing the stand of Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh, has said that the decision to discontinue or resume the indefinite economic blockade will depend on the much awaited New Delhi talks between ANSAM representatives and the Manipur Government.

Talking to Newmai News Network this morning in Senapati district, UNC president Puni Modoli came down heavily on the Chief Minister saying that due to incompetent handling of the issue, things had reached the present stage where the general public in Manipur had to face immense hardship.

The UNC president explained that in a parliamentary system any leader whether big or small has to either step down from his chair once he said he was wrong.

Dwelling more on it the Naga leader elaborated "Mr O Ibobi Singh had expressed regret on the floor of the Assembly for declaring June-18 as Manipur Integrity Day which became a State holiday, so the matter should have ended there itself for the Chief Minister, which is either revoke the declaration or step down as Chief Minister".

Puni Modoli also recalled senior Cabinet Minister Th Debendra stating in the Manipur Assembly that June-18 declaration decision was taken by the Chief Minister himself and was not a decision approved by the Cabinet.

"For this reason there are only two options remaining for Mr Ibobi Singh - revoke the June-18 declaration or step down from his present post, because this is the only way in a parliamentary style of functioning," stated the UNC president.

Continuing the tirade against the Chief Minister, he said the economic blockade had created so much hardship both for the valley and the hill people of Manipur "which was the creation of O Ibobi Singh".