Aja papers thrown into river
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, October 09: The Editor of the Aja Daily a Tangkhul and English bilingual paper today said while respecting the sentiments of the general populace of Manipur to safeguard the territorial integrity of the state, it is also pained to notice the unruly acts of some of the supporters of the general strike called by the UCM on the 8th October 2003.In one incident, as a Maruti van carrying the Aja daily newspaper of October 8 issue which was public was intercepted by the strike supporters at Nongada Bridge.

After the driver and occupants of the Van identified themselves and their destination, the strike supporters angrily picked up the rolls of the news papers "The AJA Daily" and threw them into the river.

This kind of act is not an act of ´┐Żlive and respect´┐Ż for each other for integrity of Manipur.

They did not even acknowledge that news papers/media and media persons are not under the preview of bandhs and strikes of any kind.

Their action showed that they had some bias over a particular community she said.

This is very unfortunate.

The UCM should be able to take precaution from occurring such incidents while taking up any such democratic agitation's in future.

They should know that attacking on the media is attacking democracy.

She said she hopes the media colleagues will share her sentiment and response accordingly.

She appealed to all sections of people not to show anger and hatred towards any particular community on the issue of the state.

The state is inhabited by many different communities and these, together can safeguard the territory of the state only if all are respected and treated equally in all respect.

Criticizing against some community while shouting integrity makes no sense but it will only become instrumental for disintegration of the people of the state.

If the people are disintegrated, the land that belongs to the people will also be disintegrated along with the people.

No force on earth can hold the integrity of the land without its people she pointed out.