Contradictions cloud PREPAK statements
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, February 08: In contradictory statements regarding loss of PREPAK�s letter head and alleged misuse of the same to serve demand (extortion) notes, department of publicity and propaganda of the armed organisation issued separate releases with one clarifying that there is no case of losing the letter head while another claimed of apprehending three persons on ground of misusing the lost document.

Disowning the statement issued by R Meitei (publicity & propaganda department) yesterday regarding loss of some letter head copies of PREPAK�s finance department, the armed group�s publicity and propaganda secretary Chinglemba Mangang regretted confusion caused by R Meitei�s contention and clarified on the matter for public perusal.

Asserting that all future financial matters would be handled by PREPAK�s finance department, Chinglemba urged the public not to endorse any proposal without the consent of the said department and reject demand notes served without signature of the finance secretary.

Referring to recent cases of some vested individuals posing as PREPAK members and intimidating election candidates to fork out certain amount after summoning them at thanga and Nongmaikhong areas, the publicity and propaganda secretary further called upon all concerned not to buckle under the pressure tactics resorted by such elements.

Chinglemba also clarified that the outfit�s finance department has nothing to do with the incidents of slapping demand notes (Rs 70,000) against cinema hall proprietors in Moirang and Kumbi areas; taxing jeep and autorickshaw owners/drivers plying in Kumbi, Thanga and Ningthoukhong areas; demanding Rs 80,000 each from pradhan members of Moirang Block; and the condemnable case of beating up women folk.

Conceding that financial dealings of the organisation is a matter of grave concern, Chinglemba contended that some Red Army officials based in hill areas in connivance with a handful of Central Committee members had been resorting to wanton donation drive prompting the armed organisation to insist only on letter head and signature of the finance secretary to streamline financial matters.

Urging all the individuals who had already received demand notes fulfilling the cited criteria to extend cooperation to PREPAK, Chinglemba recalled that in between 1977 and 1989 some recalcitrant individuals entrapped party members in collusion with security forces resulting in deaths and arrests.

While such individuals were relieved from severe punishment after they pleaded guilty, the secretary cautioned that this time around there would be no leniency against anti-party elements.

Chinglemba also conveyed that R Meitei�s statement issued to the media establishments yesterday not only confused the general public but had also created enmity within the rank and file of the PREPAK organisation that had been striving to reunite and re-strengthen the organisation.

All future press statements of PREPAK would also be issued under the seal and signature of the publicity and propaganda secretary, reiterated Chinglemba.

On the otherhand, a statement released by R Meitei informed that under a specific operation conducted by its Thoubal unit under the command of Red Army CO-II, three youths have been apprehended along with the �lost� letter head.

Identifying the trio as Konjengbam Jiten (26) s/o K Manglem of Moirang Khunou Maning Leikai, Laishram Ibochouba alias Ibungo (28) s/o Bira of Moirang Khunou Makha Leikai and Pheirenbam Bikram (26) s/o Ph Amuba of Moirang Khunou Makha Leikai, R Meitei also provided details extracted from the three during interrogation including some of the seized letter head signed by Chinglemba Mangang.

As per their comments one Oinam Premkumar alias Yai s/o Mani of Moirang Khunou handed over an envelope wrapped note for delivery to one Moirangthem Jugeshowr of Moirang Makha Leikai, said R Meitei adding that the youngsters only came to know that the note was letter head of PREPAK after they were apprehended and put under interrogation.

Apart from the three pleading innocence and no linkage with any UG group including PREPAK they also expressed strong annoyance that Premkumar had tried to mislead them, said the statement.

While the three had been handed over to their respective family elders after warning them not to err in future, R Meitei also asserted that further course of action to detect and apprehend those individuals who are misusing the �lost letter head� would continue.