Inner Line Permit: FREINDS, others call for 2nd debate
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, October 07: Reacting sharply to the statements given by Chief Minister O Ibobi on Inner Line Permit system on the floor of the State Assembly yesterday, the FREINDS (Federation of Regional Indigenous Society) and the Inner Line Permit System Demand Committee, Kangleipak have urged upon the legislators to discuss the issue for second time in the October 10 session of the State Assembly.

Addressing a press meet here today, FREINDS president Sapamcha Jadumani alleged that the Chief Minister did not know how to control influx of migrants from other Indian States and foreign countries.

The outstanding problem facing Manipur at present was the influx of migrants from other States of India, he asserted.

The Restricted Area Permit system which restricts entry of foreign nationals is in force in Manipur.

However unlike Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram, there is no legislation in Manipur to check influx of migrants from other States of India, Jadumani observed.

Under the Inner Line Permit system, migrants from other States may be granted permits to enter Manipur, he said.

The Chief Minister's statement that entry of Indian citizens into Manipur cannot be restricted only exposed that he did not understand the Inner Line Permit system, he alleged.

There is no need to frame new regulations for enforcing the Inner Line Permit system for the system should be enforced under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act 1873, Jadumani asserted.

Quoting Article 19, Sub-Clause 5 of the Indian Constitution, representative of the Inner Line Permit System Demand Committee Dilipkumar noted that the Inner Line Regulation may be enforced in a small State to ensure that smaller races are able to preserve their identity and culture against the influence of larger communities.

Further quoting 2001 census report, Dilipkumar said that out of the total population of Manipur which was 22,93,896, the size of migrant population was 9,08,488.The number of Meitei Pangals was 1,67,204 whereas the population of Meiteis was 7,51,422.At this time, the size of tribal population was 6,70,782, he said.

With the migrants constituting one-third of the total population of Manipur, there have been severe impacts on the economy, polity, culture etc, he asserted while conveying serious apprehension about the future of Manipur in case the situation persists any longer.

Decrying revocation of the Permit System on November 18, 1950 by the then Chief Secretary Himat, FREINDS would organise protest movement extensively on November 18, they said while appealing to all organisations not to call bandh on the day.