6th Schedule implementation delay comes up for scrutiny
Source: The Imphal Free Press

Imphal, July 04: Minister for commerce and industries, Th Devendra while proposing the motion of thanks to Governor�s address commended the address as a concise statement of the government�s past, present and future.

The minister also praised the role of Governor in the renovation of state Assembly with the allotment of Rs 1.6 crores from the non-lapsable central pool of resources.

He reminded that the address had emphasized the need to strengthen the emotional integration of different communities in the state.

IFCD minister N Mangi seconded the proposal.

Opening the discussions on the proposed amendment of the governor�s address, BD Behring pointed out that the Governor has failed to mention the granting of autonomy to hill council.

He reminded that the Governor has mentioned it in his address in 2000.Behring added that extension of 6th Schedule has put on hold despite being recommended by the state government on three occasions.

The addition of words �with some adjustment and local amendment� in the state government�s recommendation has created confusion.

The Union ministry of home affairs had asked seven times to clarify on the phrase.

MPP O Joy contended that the Governor�s speech in the state Assembly in English is not in the true parliamentary tradition.

Relating that the president of India addressed the Parliament in both English and Hindi, Joy averred that the Governor should make the address in Manipuri.