UCM denies overlooking hill-valley ties
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, October 16: The United Committee, Manipur today blamed the government of Manipur for the present crises prevailing in the state.

The government has not been able to clarify on the issue of the threat to the integrity of the state and the informal extension of cease-fire to Manipur.

There is no distrust amongst the people of the state the UCM clarified reacting to the charges leveled by the spokesperson of the SPF government G Gaikhangam.

UCM further charged that the government's statement has communal tone.

The UCM publicity in charge, Joy Chingamknam said the government of India has the power to redefine boundary of the states.

The government is misleading the people by speaking of hills and plains.

UCM knows the entire people of the state are fighting for safeguarding the state s boundary.

Irrelevant issues are being raised.

The government does not take up the matters it charged.

Boundary pillars are missing in the Myanmarese border.

Tungjoy, Dzuko encroachments have time and again been informed to the government.

People can only shout, the government should execute the works UCM said.

If those in power do not know how to rule they should consult the people.

The government is responsible for denial of rights to the people.

The government has just seen the light that the people had long observed.

UCM appealed to all to aid in stopping occurrence of any unfortunate incident.

Communal activities should not be resorted to it said.

The UCM has not done anything to disturb the peace talk.

As the cease-fire is not extended to Manipur the UCM is appealing to the centre and the state governments to stop all unlawful activities.

UCM has reverence for those who gave their lives for the cause of Nagaland.

The role played by the Manipuris in building should be remembered by NSCN (IM), the UCM never took a decision without involving the communities settled in Manipur.

UCM will never compromise on the issue of the territory and NSCN (IM) should know the fact that the Manipuri integrity can never be compromised.

It would be wrong to mislead the people by giving false hope of self-determination.