AMUCO lays onus at doorsteps of GoI
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 15: Acknowledging that the indefinite economic blockade of ANSAM has begun to take its toll on the common people of both the valley and hill areas, the All Manipur United Clubs Organisation today said that it will now launch a campaign to force the Governments of India and Manipur to ensure that essential items are made available to the people of both the hills and the plain.

The campaign will be taken up with the principle that the ties that bind the people of different communities will not be allowed to be severed, said AMUCO in a statement.

At one time, Manipur was a self sufficient land where the people did not have to depend on the help of others for their survival.

However ever since Manipur merged with the Indian Union in 1949, the State has become dependent on others and such is the case today, that a blockade on the highways is enough to rob the people of their essential items.

This is the result of the policies followed by the Centre to make Manipur dependent on them, economically and politically and this is a fact that should not be lost on anyone, it added.

If India claims that Manipur is part of the Union, then it should make sure that the people are not deprived of their daily requirements.

No other State in India will be allowed to remain cut off from the rest of the country for even one hour, but today, Delhi is just looking on even though Manipur has been in the grip of a blockade for nearly a month now.

This confirms the hidden agenda of the Indian Government and that is to ignite communal passion.

Today the boundary and territory of Manipur is at the hands of India and anytime her boundary can be changed by New Delhi to suit its needs.

To defeat such a design, the people should be wary of any divisive tactics employed by the Centre, cautioned AMUCO.