AMWJU appeals not to disrupt functioning of media
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, October 10: The All Manipur Working Journalists Union expresses its serious concern over the reported action of some people who vandalized copies of Aja.

It was reported that a Maruti van transporting copies of Aja, which was heading towards Yaingangpokpi and beyond for distribution, was intercepted at Nongda Bridge by some individuals during the general strike called by the UCM on October 8 and destroyed the copies of Aja by throwing them in the river.

The Union while condemning such action earnestly appeals to one and all to disrupt the free functioning and movement of the media.

The MTPRM in a press statement today strongly condemned the vandalism committed by the supporters of United Committee Manipur on 8 October 03 to the "The Aja Daily" newspaper.

Such act is condemnable by every right thinking people.

It is regretted and unfortunate that the incident occurred specially when the state is in the crucial juncture it observed.

It seems that whenever UCM is spearheading in the issue some unfavorable events surface and this is only tarnishing the image of the organization.

Such acts could inadvertently make the different communities inhabiting in the state confused it said.