DPA takes Speaker's case to Governor
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, February 10: A team of Opposition DPA MLAs today called on Governor Arvind Dave at the Raj Bhavan to highlight the rejection of the no confidence motions moved against the State Assembly Speaker TN Haokip by the Speaker himself.

Later talking to mediapersons at the MPP office, leader of the Opposition alliance RK Dorendra said that the Governor was informed that the ruling of the Speaker rejecting both the motions raised against him by himself was an affront to the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business of the Assembly.

Accordingly, the DPA team had drawn the attention of the Governor, as the administrative head of the State, to take up necessary action against the Speaker.

Speaker TN Haokip yesterday rejected both the no confidence motions submitted against him by Opposition DPA on January 23 and 27 citing rules of the Assembly.

DPA has been demanding that the Speaker resign on moral ground and ensure the sanctity of the august post after his name was linked to James Kuki, the main accused in the killing of Elizabeth.

Condemning the ruling of the Speaker, Dorendra asserted that it has been taken to shield his own misdeeds.

Dorendra further informed mediapersons that the DPA MLAs during their brief meeting also urged the Governor to look into whether the State Government has actually handed over the Lungnila Elizabeth murder case to the CBI as it had decided or not.

Expressing his doubts, Dorendra observed that if at all the case had been handed over to CBI, then Nando, one of the accused, who is still under judicial custody should also be handed over to the CBI.

Pointing out the alleged ambiguous 'stand of the Government in believing what Rome, another accused rounded up by UNLF in connection with the case and later handed over to the Meira paibis, had said, but rejecting the confession made by James Kuki, the kingpin behind the case who is presently under the custody of NSCN (I-M), the Opposition leader lambasted the Congress led SPF Government of trying to take political mileage and divert attention from the case.MPP president O Joy, who also addressed the media-persons, said that the Opposition DPA had lodged the complaint to the Governor who is not only the head of the State but also the Constitutional and Legislative head, as the Speaker had violated all democratic norms and rules of the Assembly proceeding in a bit to safe his own skin.

Coming back to rejection of the no-confidence motions by the Speaker, Joy noted that filling up of the resolutions in the prescribed forms of the Assembly with notice written on it and submitting them together has been the norm of the Assembly.

Stating that the case alleged involvement of an Assembly Speaker in a criminal case is the first of its instance in the world, Joy clarified that the Opposition DPA do not have any personal enmity as such, but the hue and cry has been raised for the sake of upholding democracy.

Reacting to Speaker TN Haokip's assertion Opposition MLAs should not be entitled to sitting allowance and TA as they have boycotted the session.

Joy asserted that the Opposition did not boycott the House but the Speaker, and all the Opposition MLAs had put their signatures at the Attendance Register before the walk out.

The statement of the Speaker was uncultured' and the strongly condemnable, he said.

Joining in the tirade, MLA L Ibomcha contended that Speaker has no authority to reject the no-confidence motions moved against him.


is the House which has the authority to do so, as such the ruling of the Speaker was void and null, he said.