Inaobi's dad provides alibi
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, January 07: Even as his house was set aflame by an enraged mob, N Amuba the father of Nameirakpam Inaobi, one of the accused named by Rome as being involved in the kidnapping and killing of Lungnila Elizabeth, today told media persons that from October 20 the whereabouts of his son is known to all.

Elaborating, Amuba said that on October 20 last year, two unidentified youths came to his house and picked up Inaobi for a talk.

As he was being taken away, a scuffle broke out at Bamon Leikai, Mange Makhong and IRB personnel who were nearby rescued Inaobi.

Inaobi was then handed over to the police said Amuba and added that as his son was an absentee MR personnel, the family thought it safer for him to join the force and leave home.

Accordingly, Inaobi stayed with his younger brother who is a personnel of the 1st IRB at his post from October 20 to 25.On October 26, Inaobi joined the MR post at Khongjaron in Tamenglong and sometime on November 1 or 2, Amuba delivered his son's clothes at the MR post, said the father.

Sometime between the last week of November and first week of December Inaobi was shifted to the police training school at Pangei for a refresher course, said Amuba.

The father said that Elizabeth's case can be seen between November 4 and November 12 the day she was kidnapped and the day she was found murdered, and the movements of his son during this time is there for all to see.