UNC kick starts poll campaign
Source: The Sangai Express / Newmai News Network

Imphal, December 04: Setting in motion the process for the 9th Assembly election, the United Naga Council (UNC) has kick-started its mobilisation campaign in the four hill districts of Chandel, Tamenglong, Senapati and Ukhrul.

The campaign is not for any particular candidate or political party but is aimed at spreading awareness among the Naga people with regard to the UNC's Position Paper on the 9th General Election 2007 of Manipur.

A few days back the UNC started its first public meeting in Chandel which was attended by Naga tribal Hoho leaders, students and women organisation leaders and the Naga village chiefs of the district.

UNC president KS Paul Leo presented the Position Paper on the 9th General Election 2007 of Manipur at the meeting.

According to the UNC statement issued by its information and publicity secretary to Newmai News Network today, the members present at the meeting subsequently adopted a declaration on which the seven Naga tribes' presidents appended their signatures.

The declaration which read as, "Responding and accepting the Position Paper on the 9th General Election 2007 Manipur, presented by the UNC, on November 30, 2006 at Chamdil (Chandel) Head Quarters, the Naga people of Chamdil (Chandel) district irrespective of Churches' associations, professionals, tribe Hohos, representatives of area Chiefs' association, senior citizens, women and student organisations resolutely agreed to respect and abide with the decisions and call of UNC to strengthen the participation in the democratic/electoral process in Manipur".

The declaration further continued, "In consonance with the above declaration, the Naga people of Chamdil (Chandel) district shall persistently execute the call of the UNC at the grass root level by abiding the principles and objectives of the Position Paper � 9th General Election 2007, Manipur".

The declaration then resolved that all the respective Naga tribe Hohos shall take the responsibility to translate the Position Paper on the 9th General Election 2007 Manipur in local dialects/languages with immediate effect.

UNC general secretary Azang Longmei chaired the meeting where 185 leaders participated.

CNPO president Ng Gilbert Monsang, ANTA president Nula Kono, Chothe tribe president Paul Chothe, Maring Uparup president Th Angrung, Monsang tribe president in-charge TS Ngamtin, Lamkang tribe president Beradin Shilsi, Tarao tribe president M Rumshe and BAP president R Jindashing were the signatories besides UNC president KS Paul Leo and Azang Longmei.