NNC/FGN exposes NSCN IM's agenda
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, August 30: Literally dubbing the NSCN (IM) as anti-Naga, the general secretary of the Wung (Tangkhul) Region of the FGN AS Mashangthei and NNC member Shepoumaramth region RS Samuel today said that Muivah has veered from the question of sovereignty and is now harping about Naga integration.

In a statement, the two NNC members said that even here, Muivah has stepped down from the demand for Naga integration and talked about �Naga inhabited areas structuring and legislation� which is not for Naga integration but for autonomous Councils of Naga inhabited areas.

The proposal clearly mentioned that, �By virtue of the formation of Naga inhabited areas, none of the States will have any disturbance and grievances on their territorial integrity,� added the statement.

The statement said that these suggestions were submitted to the Indian Government, after Delhi rejected the 30 point Competencies submitted in 2001.The 30 point Competencies talked about the viability of creating a homeland incorporating all the Naga inhabited areas of the North East, said the statement and added this was however rejected by the Centre.

The IM group also stated in their proposal that, �Naga history of British resistance to be treated as a part of the Indian freedom movement...� said NNC.

However typically, NSCN (IM) disowned their own proposal for Naga inhabited areas and this appeared in the Nagaland based newspapers on August 20 this year.