MPP hits back, claims it is The Only Party for the State
Cong, MPP go hammer and tongs at each other

Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, December 29: Hitting back at the Congress party, leaders of Manipur People's Party (MPP) have asserted that MPP is the only secular political party which is committed to protecting the territorial integrity of Manipur unlike Congress which had traded the independence of Manipur and is now again ready to give off its land to others.

Addressing a press conference at the MPP office located behind Mapal Kangjeibung here this afternoon, party president Dr L Chandramani reacted strongly to the comments of Congress MP Rishang who accused MPP of campaigning for the election on communal line while speaking at the occasion of the 121st foundation day of Congress party yesterday.

The very fact that an MPP leader like late Md Allimmuddin became the Chief Minister of Manipur in 1972 and later on in 1974 Yangmaso Shaiza became the Chief Minister of the State with the support of MPP testifies that MPP is not at all communal and it is a secular party belonging to all the communities living in Manipur, Chandramani said.

It is really unfortunate that the Congress party misinterpreted the statement of the MPP that it would allow Manipuri people to hold the important posts of the Government if it comes to power as referring to only one particular community, he said, adding that the Congress party should understand that MPP is always at the beck and call of all the people of Manipur.

MLA O Joy pointed out that MPP is the only party which has included special clauses related to the issue of protection of territorial integrity of Manipur in its constitution.

No other political parties have such clauses, he said.

Outrightly rejecting the assertion of the Congress party that MPP is an insignificant political party, Joy claimed that MPP which had been at the helm of power thrice is going to defeat Congress and form the next Government in 2007.Behind the back of Congress party there are only AFSPA and security forces, he added.

Those who are living in Manipur and do not want to call themselves as Manipuris are enemies of the Manipuri people and MPP would never compromise with such people on any issue and at any cost, Joy thundered.

Holding Congress party responsible for frayed relationship between the hill and the valley people, MLA Nimaichand Luwang said true to the spirit of its regional character MPP does not like to cross the boundary of the State and there is no point in it.