ANSAM seeks pol decision
Source: The Sangai Express

Dimapur, July 29 (NNN): In its first official statement after the Guwahati High Court, Imphal bench ruled the economic blockade as illegal, the All Naga Students� Association, Manipur (ANSAM) today urged the Manipur Government to give a �political decision� and not a Court verdict.

ANSAM spokesman Ngachonmi Chamroy who is a qualified law student while reacting to the Court�s order said that �this is a good example when law comes face to face with justice�.

ANSAM has put the whole blame on the Manipur Government for the present turmoil in the State saying that the Ibobi Singh-led Govt had failed to address things correctly.

The statement issued to Newmai News Network by its spokesman Ngachonmi Chamroy, while singing a communal harmony tune, said whatever maybe the case (even if the Government has no concern for the general public) we should co-exist peacefully as good neighbours.

�We feel that the most important point at the moment is to learn to live together as good neighbours because we cannot change our neighbours,� ANSAM said in the statement.

It expressed its appreciation to many social non-Naga organisations based in the valley �for understanding the reality� saying that such attitudes would have a long lasting and positive impact on the relationship between the Nagas and the majority community.

Elucidating the present social picture of Manipur from the student body's point of view, ANSAM claimed that there have been two �conflict of interests� in the State of Manipur today.

Pointing out the reason without particularising things, the Naga student body said that �the major community� in the valley has different interest so do the Nagas.

�We are proud to be Nagas and we respect the feelings of the major community if they are proud of who they are - it is not a secret that the Nagas have a national interest� and while raking up instances, it added, �these two conflicts in the same time have become apparent on June 16 this year when the Nagas came out in thousands on the streets defying the Govt prohibitory orders (CrPC 144) for the unification of Naga areas under one administration and to protest the June 18 declaration as State Integrity day which has become a State holiday.

And again, the valley people came out in a large number in the streets to observe the June-18 defying the Govt prohibitory orders,� stated the ANSAM note.