Cong pins communal tag on MPP
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, December 28: Campaigning on communal line, MPP, despite being a regional party, is scheming to disintegrate Manipur, alleged many Congress leaders who spoke on the 121st anniversary celebration of the Indian National Congress at Congress Bhavan today.

Addressing the gathering veteran Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Rishang Keishing charged that MPP stands for a single community.

He lamented that the regional party is working for disintegration of Manipur by campaigning along communal line.

Observing that the regional parties and independent candidates have started targeting the Congress party with the approach of the Assembly elections, Rishang dismissed the propaganda undertaken by some individuals to present the Congress party as a Mayang party saying that those individuals don't know how a Nation is constituted.

Notwithstanding such propaganda, the Congress party being the oldest political party would flourish for eternity, claimed the MP.

Comparing the MPP to fishes confined inside a small pond, Rishang Keishing noted that people are well aware of who were behind them even as MPP leaders have been making tall promises as if they were true patriots.

Asserting that MPP is one party which acts at the whim of some elements, the veteran Congress leader claimed that not more than 4/5 MPP candidates would get elected.

Noting that the Congress party is facing threats from both inside and outside, Rishang called upon the Congress workers to challenge the threat collectively.

Acknowledging that the threat from inside is also serious, he asserted that no outsiders should be allowed to speak professing as a Cong man.

Chief Minister O Ibobi remarked that majority of the MPP leaders had betrayed the party at one point of time or other for their personal benefits.

The Congress party and the people of Manipur know well that Dr Chandramani was made MPP president after the preceding president was forcibly removed to fulfil his hunger for power, observed Ibobi while reiterating that it would not be in the interest of the State to campaign for elections on communal line.

Lok Sabha MP Dr T Meinya conveyed desire for a Congress exclusive Government.

Even as the MPP is indulging in communal politics, the regional party would never be able to form Government, said IFC Minister Phungzathang Tonsing.

MPCC vice-president AK Mirabai conveyed strong apprehension that MPP has been working to bifurcate Manipur into hills and valley.

She further observed that Dr Chandramani has fallen into the trap of O Joy.

Giving a brief account of establishment of INC, MPCC president Gaikhangam said that even as some individuals who don't understand their duties are boasting loud, it is impossible for their party to get elected to power.