State owes over Rs 1 cr to power corporations
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 22: Power Minister Phungzathang Tonsing today informed the House that the total amount owed by the State Government upto April this year to various power corporations is Rs 172 crores.

When discussion for demand for grants for Power, PHED, and Science and Technology came up for discussion, the Minister in reply to questions said that even though the Budget earmarks a certain amount for purchasing energy from the corporations, the electricity dues cannot be cleared on time as there are interminable delays in releasing the fund by the Finance Department.

On tax collection, the Minister said that though a target of Rs 38.02 was set to realize through tax collection in 2001-02 so far the Department was able to realize only Rs 20.84 crores.

For the period 2002-03 the Department has set a target of Rs 89.03 crores and so far has managed to collect Rs 7.50 crores.

The total amount owed by the Government Departments as power tax is over Rs 30 crores while the tax to be collected from the public consumer is about Rs 40 crores, the Minister said.

He further said that the Indian Electricity Manipur Amendment Bill 2000 is yet to be approved though it has been passed in the Assembly.

Once the approval if given then the Department would crack down on unauthorized connection.

Tax collection from the public consumers will also tightened once the approval is received, assured the Minister.