Enough food stock, says Ngamthang
Source: The Sangai Express

Imphal, July 20: FCS Minister Ngamthang Haokip has stated that there is enough food stock and people need not worry over scarcity foodstuffs in the State in spite of the indefinite economic blockade being called along the National Highways by ANSAM.

Speaking to media-persons at his office chamber today, the FCS Minister said before the existing food stock is exhausted; the vehicles which have gone to transport food stuff and other essential commodities will be arriving at Imphal in the afternoon on July 22.So there is no need for the people to get panicky on that count, he said while appealing to the people to stay calm and not to have any apprehension that there would be shortage of petroleum products and other essential commodities in the State because of the economic blockades-being called along the National Highways.

He said that the existing stock of petrol in the Government depot would last for 6 days diesel for 10 days and kerosene for 19 days.

Even as the existing fuel stock is being used , all the oil tankers and other vehicles which have gone to transport essential commodities along the National Highway 53 would be arriving laden with goods at Imphal in the afternoon of July 22.The Minister informed that Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers have culled all the detailed information related to blasting of the bridge over Irang River.

Accordingly, the Chief Minister has given instruction to all concerned for repairing the said bridge before July 22 so that all the good-laden vehicles could arrive safely along the said route.

The State Government has been in touch with the Chamber of Commerce and learnt that it has been charging the same normal rate for the goods being sold through wholesale.

But it is the retailers which are hiking the prices of the essential commodities in the market by taking advantage of the ongoing economic blockade, the Minister said.

Maintaining that there are also enough stock of rice and sugar at the disposal of the Government, the Minister informed that district wise distribution of BPL and AAY rice quotas through transport contractors and the nominees appointed by the MLAs in their respective Constituencies would be stopped.

Instead the rice quotas would be issued through the respective Deputy Commissioner of the districts so that the, same could be made available to the people through the fair price shops.

With regard to the decision of the school van drivers to cease service in view of the shortage of fuel, the Minister declared that school vans would be issued 10 litres of petrol each on July 22 and 23 at Bakliwal Enterprises located at North AOC.