Muivah can become Manipur's Chief Minister: UCM
Source: Manipur Mail

Imphal, October 13: The United Committee, Manipur will organize a Leaders' meeting tomorrow at the Ima Khuntnohanbi Lairembei, near Thau ground, Thangmeiband.

All the clubs, organizations have been asked to attend the meeting which will begin at 10.30 am.

The UCM today in a press hand out charged that the government of India is acting just like the monkey who distributes chapati.

The peace talks between the NSCN(IM) and the government is causing great trouble at Manipur it pointed out.

The attempt to divide us has also not stopped.

The UCM never works on narrow communal lines; there should be no division on communal lines it said.

The government should take the main responsibility and one should not try to get political mileage of the issue it said.

The UCM is of the opinion that one should not do anything communal.

Newmai News Network adds amidst the social quagmire that prevails in Manipur following the release of NSCN-IM leaders after their arrest by the Govt, of Manipur, the United Committee Manipur (UCM) has said that Manipuris are not against the coming of NSCN-IM leaders to Manipur and also UCM is not targeting any community but against the Govt, both central and state.

Talking to Newmai News Network today in Imphal, UCM President, S Jadumani, said that NSCN-IM leaders including its Gen Secy Th Muivah are welcomed to come to Manipur adding that even if Th Muivah becomes the Chief Minister of Manipur, UCM would welcome him.

UCM President Jadumani in an emotional tone had said that NSCN-IM leaders have the right to come to Manipur as we (Meiteis & Nagas) are all brothers and that UCM has no right to say anything when NSCN-IM leaders and cadres come to see their brothers in Manipur.

However, the UCM President said that whenever NSCN-IM leaders come to Manipur, they should not come with guns and any other arms and also that they should not come to Manipur to hold meetings with regard to the disintegration of Manipur UCM President S Jadumani has appealed to the "Naga Brothers" not to see the UCM movement with wrong view.

The UCM president said that the ongoing series of protest in the Manipur is against the state Govt and New Delhi for their double standard policies.

The UCM President said that NSCN-IM leaders including its Home Minister AK Lungalung and others and come too Manipur with arms of which the state and the central Govt should have allowed the law to take its own course and then release them even if they wanted to free them adding that since this militants leaders had been released witout any condition there is no record left that they have come to Manipur with arms.

S Jadumani further said that at any point of time, UCM had not stated or spoken that was anything hatred and communal adding that UCM is for brotherly love among all communities on the line of the preaching of Jesus Christ.

If UCM is wrong, then the teaching of Jesus Christ also would be questioned for both stands for love.

UCM would sponsor all communities meetings tomorrow at Thau ground to discuss the course of action to be followed in protest against the Govt policies.

Today curfew was relaxed from 6 am to 5 pm.

The same arrangement will continue tomorrow.